The quarter panel of a car is also called the rear wing. This is nothing but the exterior surface or body panel of those automobile (two door models) between their rear door and the trunk. They are generally found wrapped around the wheel of the car well. Again the section which you will find in between the door and bonnet is named as fender. Naturally these quarter panels of cars are built up of sheet metal. But you will also find the materials like fiberglass, carbon fiber and fiber-reinforced plastic in these quarter panels.
Replacing the quarter panelSuch panels are typically the welded on component of a uni-body structure. To replace these sheets you need to cut the metal off the vehicle first. Then a replacement part is to be bonded or welded to the automobile. You can go for repairing the quarter panel since it is a less hard work than the replacement. The process of replacement is too laborious a work to perform. But there are some situations, when you need to go for replacing the panel through a number of steps. However, contacting a classic and muscle car restorations could be worthy too.
It sounds quite scary to replace a quarter panel of a car. Those models, which are common in the market, have their quarter skins available in the market. But the less popular models create the actual problems. Their quarter skins are not easily available and therefore it becomes essential to deal with the modifying panels from different models. In fact you may have to find for the boneyards too for better quality. For the repair of the hardtops, the quarter skin is cut up to six inches on the wheel opening. Here the hardtop and convertible both start to have difference. Even the outer wheel house needs to be repaired. But, car users often face some issues with this. Not a single type of easy after-market solution is present here. For the replacement of the outer wheel house lip that is welding to the quarter skin, it requires to be cut up. Then it needs to be modified with a set of wheel houses so that the new quarter panels get fitted to it. You can contact smash repairs company in Melbourne to lessen your hard toil.
Tools used in replacing quarter panelSome unique tools are needed in this process of replacement like air hammer with the attachment of a body ripper. You can get this type of hammers from any kind of body shop. These hammers cut the sheet metals with buttery smoothness. You will need also a flanging tool (any one of the manual or air powered you can choose). This allows the panels to sit flush and line up properly.