There comes a time when you are just tired of using the same car day in day out. When that time comes, you will be looking to sell the old car for a reasonable sum of money. However, to be able to get close to the price that you want, you need to do some work. First of all you have to prepare the car for sale and then find a possible dealer. Most importantly, after the sale, you have to make sure that the authorities are informed of the change of ownership.

Prepare the car for sale

Except you wouldn’t mind receiving peanuts for your old car, you should prepare the car for sale. If the car is dirty, hire a car detailing service to work on it. The cleaner the car looks the higher the chance of attracting buyers. When trying to get cash for car in Melbourne, you have to be able to impress the buyer. Even if you are selling the car on an “as is” basis, you still need to make it look polished so as to be able to ask a good price from the buyer.

Find a reputable dealer

When you are looking to sell your old car, the first thought will be to sell to a car dealer. If you chose to go down this road, make sure you sell only to those that have a good reputation. You can know this by asking around from those who have made use of such services before. Irrespective of whether you are selling to a reputable seller or not, you still have to be sure you are getting the right price for your old car. This can only happen if you had done your homework and checked the going price for your kind of car. When you know what the market price is, you can be able to put a reasonable asking price. The advice here is to start with a price that is slightly above what you are willing to accept. The one thing you can be sure of is that the dealer will try their best to beat down the price. Link here for more information about free car removals that are ideal for those who have a vehicle that is no longer roadworthy.

Change all documentation from your name

When you are sure that you will not be using your old car any more, it is important to think of changing any documentation related to the car that is in your name. This may mean notifying the relevant authorities that you are no longer the owner of the car. This will happen immediately you get a buyer and succeed to sell the car. By informing the authorities, you protect yourself from any incidents that may occur with the car after you have sold it. For example if the new owner was to use the car for fraudulent activities, you will not be affected if you had done the duty of notifying the authorities of the change of ownership.