Ute tonneau covers can keep you out of a lot of trouble and some hefty fines, they secure a load in the tray of the vehicle and keep it from becoming a danger to the public and attracting the attention of the police. An unsecured load can incur a fine of $405.00 and cost you three demerit points, not a figure to sneeze at but it is the other factors that can keep you up and night and have an impact on you for the rest of your life, also see this nudge bars in Perth.
Every year the debris from unsecured loads are the reason that there are car crashes and loss of life, there have been incidents where large objects have fallen from trucks and crashed into the vehicle behind them and killed the occupants. It doesn’t have to be a large heavy object however to cause fatalities, if you are carrying materials that are prone to catching in the wind and flying out all over the place then these can land on the windscreen of the vehicles travelling behind and to the side of you obstructing their vision and creating extremely dangerous situations.The normal reflex of a person is to avoid being hit by flying debris and even though a person is sitting inside their car and not likely to be damaged by some of this material they still may swerve the car as a matter of instinct and self-preservation, which in effect has the exact opposite desired result. Click this for more of Ute canopy.
Then there is the cost to councils and the risk workers are put in, when they have to come out to an area where debris has been left on the road and this can go for some length along the roadway if the vehicle has not been stopped, signs have to be placed so that the public know material is being picked up and there needs to be workers that control the traffic and other council members that need to go along and collect the material in question, just so that they can keep everyone safe and in the mean time they are putting their own lives at risk doing this chore cleaning up after you.
Sometimes a couple of ropes and jumping up and down on the load is just not good enough and you need a tarp or a tonneau to be able to keep the load secured and off of the highways and out of other peoples way. If this is not possible as some of the material is protruding from the back of the tray them you need to make sure that there is a piece of bright material attached to the overhanging pieces so that it is clearly visible to all and make sure that you have everything as tied down tightly as possible, also make sure to turn and check that everything is stills secure every time you stop at lights and resecure the load as soon as possible, if it looks dodgy.