New Zealand is situated in the southwestern Pacific Ocean and comprises mainly of two islands. It is well known for natural beauty as well as volcanoes and glaciation. Known also as the “Kiwis” New Zealand is home to traditional people and their rituals, and was popular by being used as the “middle earth” in the mythical motion pictures, “Lord of the Rings” written by J. R R. Tolkein.

Where to go

New Zealand is well known as a country which offers a vast array of options when it comes to tourism. You can opt to have a road trip, trek the jungles, rent a scooter Christchurch and take a bike tour, or choose something of the luxury side and pick a golf tour in an extravagant resort. Either way you cannot lose as there is so much to see and experience. Most of the time the weather is also quite mild; due to that, New Zealand is also a land for the mauve wonder in a drink, wine. You will be able to book a wine tour and have an unforgettable memory at a vineyard if you visit New Zealand.


Similar to most Pacific countries, New Zealand also has a warm kind of a climate all year-round and is free form jarring cold. Spring lasts from September to November and during that the country erupts with new natural life. Beautiful wild flowers, green forests and reborn waterfalls makes it an ideal season for you to visit. Summer is during December and February. The fact that this is the time most Europeans will have winter is a delightful coincidence and escape to a hotter climate such as New Zealand would be ideal. Summer here is all about sun and fun in the beach and lakes. Autumn closes in during March and lasts till May however it is also not a bad time to visit. You can choose to go hiking or kayaking while watching the leaves around you turning bright yellow and red. Winter is from June till around August and it is an ideal time to go skiing in the mountains. Temperature does not go below 35 Fahrenheit during winter. You can also witness many winter festivals if you choose to holiday in the winter.

Enjoy the real feel

Although you have earned some time off from work, to be indulged in a bit of luxury, New Zealand is a country where you need to get out and see for real. All four seasons are alight with beautiful flora and fauna and there are activities year round. If you are too lazy to take walk or go hiking, you can easily hire a bicycle with good scooter parts which won’t give up the hilly areas and rough roads. No matter what you choose to do, remember that at the end of the day, memories are what will be reminisced from this.